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Polythene Apron White – 16 Micron – 100 Pack

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– 16 Micron Polythene Apron
– Size: 1010mm X 675mm
– 100 Pack

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Disposable Polythene Apron in White

Stop the spread of contamination by using disposable polythene apron in blue or white. These single-use aprons will keep staff’s uniforms and skin protected against germs. So by using the aprons, you’ll reduce the risk of cross contamination to help prevent the transmission of illness or infection in your premises.

The 16 micron thickness offers good strength and tear-resistance too – giving staff plenty of protection when carrying out day-to-day food handling and cleaning tasks. And thanks to the white or blue material, these polythene apron can even be used for colour-coded cleaning and food handling, further helping to prevent cross contamination.

Are These Polythene Aprons Recyclable?

Yes, as long as they’re uncontaminated, these polythene apron aprons can be recycled through specialist recycling streams which may be offered locally to you. If you’re unable to recycle the aprons, please ensure you dispose of them responsibly into a general waste stream. If used in a care home or healthcare environment, these aprons should be disposed of in accordance with the latest government advice.

Product features

• Dimensions 1067(L) x 660(W)mm
• Material Polythene
• Weight 730g
• Colour White
• These polythene aprons help to reduce the spread of contamination
• The 16 micron thickness gives the aprons good strength and tear-resistance
• This 16 micron thickness also makes the aprons water-resistant
• The white colour makes them easily identifiable – perfect for food prep environments
• These aprons are also great for colour-coded cleaning or food handling
• Designed for single-use only
• Ideal for use in food handling, janitorial or hair and beauty environments

– 16 Micron Polythene Apron
– Size: 1010mm X 675mm
– 100 Pack

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