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Milton Sterilising Fluid – 5 Litres

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– FoodGrade Sterilising Fluid
– 20 to 1 Mix
– 5 Ltr

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Milton Sterilising Fluid. Disinfecting fluid that can be used to clean any non-metallic surface. Size: 5 litres.

Safe and reliable, Milton sterilising fluid is ideal for sterilising baby bottles, feeding utensils and other non-metallic surfaces. It works by breaking protein down into water and very minute traces of salt, leaving no nasty taste or odour. In just 15 minutes, your utensils are left completely sterile and safe to use. Even better, once poured the liquid is effective for up to 24 hours, so you can dip utensils in as and when needed.

– Milton is the ultimate sterilising fluid
– Cleans your utensils in 15 minutes leaving them ready to use
– Leaves no unpleasant taste or smell
– Liquid can be left open and still used for up to 24 hours
– Designed for baby bottles, breast pumps and other feeding utensils
– Great for hospitals and care homes
– 5 litres

– Food Grade Sterilising Fluid
– 20 to 1 Mix
– 5 Ltr

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