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Primagel Plus Hand Sanitiser Gel – With Aloe Vera

41.94 + VAT

– 500ml Bottle

– 6 Per Case

– 70% Alcohol Certified

– Pump Top Bottle

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Primagel Plus Hand Sanitiser Gel is a transparent dermatological tested disinfectant gel with 70% alcohol. It’s a medical grade product for instant hand hygiene. Its bactericidal action ensures a safe disinfection against virus’ and bacteria of all kinds. The new EN-12791 SURGICAL HAND DISINFECTION approval obtained by Primagel Plus, makes this product suitable for use in the operating room as required by World Health Organization guidelines.

With its unique blend which contains Aloe Vera, It quickly dries, leaving the hands fresh and soft, with no oily or sticky feeling. Wherever you are and whatever the situation, hands can be safely disinfected in just few seconds.