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COVID 19 Antigen Test Kit – 10 Tests Per Pack

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The COVID 19 Antigen test reveals if a person is currently infected with Covid 19.

Key advantages of this COVID 19 Antigen test:

COVID 19 (corona virus disease 2019) is a respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus Covid 19. It was first described
in Wuhan in 2019 and spreads by droplet infection. The course of the disease is unspecific, diverse and varies. In addition to infections without symptoms, mainly mild to mo-derate courses, but also severe, such as bilateral pneumonia up to lung failure and death were observed. By now long term damage cannot be ruled out even if the disease courses are described as mild.

  • Fast results within 15 mins – SAVE TIME & MONEY!
  • Easy to use
  • Manufactured and evaluated in Germany
  • CE Marked
  • All necessary reagents provided & no other equipment needed
  • Detects the nucleocapsid protein antigen from Covid 19

Intended Use of the COVID 19 Antigen Test

The mö-screen Corona Antigen Cassette is an in vitro immunochromatographic assay for the qualitative detection of nucleocapsid protein antigen from SARS-CoV-2 in nasopharyngeal (NP) swab specimens directly or after the swabs have been added to viral transport media from individuals who are suspected of COVID 19 by their healthcare provider. It is intended to aid in the rapid diagnosis of Covid 19infections. The mö-screen Corona Antigen Test does not differentiate between SARS-CoV and Covid 19.

The box includes 10 individually sealed cartridges, along with:

  • 10 sterile swabs
  • 10 extraction Tubes
  • 10 dropper tips for extraction tubes
  • 1 buffer solution (0,09 % sodium azide), sufficient for 10 tests
  • 1 workstation
  • 1 instruction manual (IFU)

Duration: A qualitative result can be read after 15 minutes
Storage: 15-25°C
Shelf life: 24 months
Certification: European CE Marking for In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) devices
Intended use: For in vitro diagnostic use only.

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