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Antibacterial Wipes – Large – 48 Pack

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– 70% Alcohol
– 48 Per Pack

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Antibaterical Wipes

Ultra Clean Touch anitbarterical wipes have a fast acting antimicrobe acivity, effective against yeast molds, gram-postivive, gram-negative bactriea and some viruses. Alcohol free. Disinfects hands and surfaces, without soap & water anytime anywhere. Ultra Clean Touch wipes can reduce the danger of contact infections on hand, shin and all surfaces.

Antibaterical Wipes directions

•1 wipe to be applied in one application to one surface.
•For best results use at least 2 wipes, and just wipe for 60 seconds each.

First aid:
•In case of eye contact hold eyes open and immediatly rinse eyes thoroughly with plenty of water.
•If irritaion presists consult a phsyician.
•Do not store near heat or open flame.

– 70% Alcohol
– 48 Per Pack


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